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Our Firm

MP Counsel is a law firm dedicated to helping startups start, grow, and scale. We serve innovators who are tired of the status quo. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive legal support to help you navigate the complexities of the business world. We specialize in Intellectual Property, Employment, Contracts, Mergers & Acquisitions, Funding, General Counsel, and Asset Protection.


Emmanuel Okharedia III, Esq.

Principal Attorney

After graduating as a Charles Hamilton Houston Scholar from New England Law | Boston, Emmanuel has built a successful career serving wealthy families and startups. Throughout his career, he has facilitated deals accumulating over $20 million in transaction value over the past eight years.


While working closely with founders, Emmanuel observed that many organizations struggled to innovate and grow due to challenges in managing people. This insight led him to develop the R.I.S.E. Together Method, a consulting approach that reduces employee turnover and increases engagement, particularly in small to midsize organizations.


Today, Emmanuel runs MP Counsel, a law firm dedicated to breathing life into ideas. He specializes in Intellectual Property and helps entrepreneurs protect their innovations and navigate complex legal landscapes. Additionally, he leads workshops and consults on enhancing organizational dynamics.

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